Bathroom Upkeep
Sep 10, 2021

Minor updates to your bathroom to make a major difference

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom may be the most functional room in your entire house. It’s a place where people go for restoration, so the more comfortable and welcoming the décor is, the more spa-like it can feel! Sometimes changing the vibe can feel a bit costly and confusing. If you have a small bathroom, you may not have much room to work with. No matter the size, there are some simple and cost-effective changes you can make over time to add a bit of chic presentation to your bathroom to make it the tranquil setting you’re looking for. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Change Your Towels—A few decorative towels can add a plush accent to a bathroom, not to mention a dash of unexpected color and visual interest. If it’s been a while since you bought new towels, consider refreshing your bathroom with something bright and lively. Or, if bold colors have been your usual décor, try something neutral or earthy to add a newer, cleaner-feeling sensibility. Bonus points for updating your shower curtain, too!

2. Try New Paint—There’s no room in your house that won’t benefit from a fresh coat of paint, and your bathroom is no exception. Lighter colors can make a small space feel more expansive, while darker colors will bring the walls together for a cozier feel. If you’re replacing the towels, maybe coordinate ahead of time so you know what your new vibe will be. 

3. Recolor Your Cabinets—A popular alternative to replacing your outdate cabinets is buying a cabinet painting kit and giving them a modern makeover. The kit includes primer, special paint and a topcoat to keep everything ship-shape. Since bathrooms tend to have limited cabinet content, it should be a pretty easy job for a long weekend or a quick vacation project.

4. Replace The Mirror—Most contractor-level bathroom mirrors are pretty basic; they’re usually just a pane of mirrored glass with no frame or decorative fixtures attached. You can carefully remove the mirror with a little elbow grease (be prepared to retexture and repaint a bit of the wall if you do) and hang something much more stylish in its place. Think about varying the shape for an artful touch. And if you can find a framed mirror – or better yet for your wallet, make one yourself—you can create an artistic focal point for your bathroom that everyone will admire as they admire themselves in it.

5. Update Your Fixtures—Sink fixtures see a lot of use over the years. Though it may be a bit more involved work- and money-wise, think about buying some contemporary fixtures to bring a more current look to your bathroom. There are second-hand home supply shops that repurpose unused fixtures from construction sites and model homes that can be purchased at a deep discount. They’ll add new shine to your sinks and should last a good long time.