Kitchen Freshen-up
Sep 30, 2021

Heart of the home makeover

If you’re looking to give your house a bit of a makeover but don’t want to do a total renovation, there’s no better place to start than your kitchen. It’s not called “the heart of the home” for nothing, and from time to time it could use a little redo to bring it up to date! By following a few of the handy projects below, you can make your kitchen look new in time for holiday entertaining.

New Wall Color—Nothing revitalizes a room like a fresh coat of paint, especially a space with as much visibility as a kitchen. If your existing color is a bit on the dark side, try something from a lighter palette to add freshness and light. If your hue tends toward the more pastel, think about a spice or jewel tone that can lend warmth and coziness. Remember to find a color that complements your countertops to keep things looking coordinated.

Paint Your Cabinets—Cabinet painting kits have become a popular way to add stunning visual interest without the expense and mess of replacing the cabinets themselves. You can choose from wood tones, trendy colors or classic tones to give your whole kitchen a lift in one fell swoop. Prepare for a bit of work with this one; using a sprayer is quicker and easier than using a roller, but both methods require masking and possible removal of doors and hardware.

Add New Hardware—If you’re happy with your cabinet color but recognize the need for a little pick-up-up, test out some new hardware fixtures and handles to add a bit of sophistication and style. The range of shapes, sizes and materials is practically endless. And for a truly creative take on this update, seek out vintage fixtures at second-hand stores or antique shops.  

Update Your Faucet—This change may require a bit of assistance from a pro, or at least a YouTube search, but it’s well worth the effort! Trade out your tired faucet and handles for something more modern. The showroom will dazzle you with options; try warm metals like oiled brass or brushed steel or consider something sculptural to give your kitchen a focal point everyone will love.

Add Art—The easiest change to implement! A few pieces of fresh art on the walls can reinvent a kitchen with minimal cost and word. If you have displays above your cabinets, give them all a good cleaning and try rearranging what you have. Add and subtract items to make the collections look new. And if there’s room on your kitchen counter, a piece of sculpture can be a great conversation piece.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to make your kitchen feel fresh and new. Sometimes, all it takes is seeing your kitchen with new eyes and changing one or two things. And if you can get the family in on the decision-making process, you’ll have a room everyone can be proud to show off!