Freeze preparations
Nov 18, 2021

Prep for freezing temperatures

Even though autumn still has a month left, winter weather is already making its presence known! With intense snow showers, ice storms and blizzards possible this year, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. This means more than covering tender plants and wrapping pipes; it means stocking up on provisions and keeping important tools and other items on hand to make it through potential safety-compromising situations. Our list below will give you some crucial tips for making sure you’re ready for nature’s nasty, chill-inducing mood swings well ahead of their arrival.

1. Food and Water—If your roads are blocked by ice and snow and your electricity goes out, you’ll need several days’ worth of provisions to get you through. Stock up on canned vegetables and fruits and dry goods like crackers, peanut and other nut butters, boxed cereals and milks in tetrapacks that don’t need refrigeration or cooking. Bottled water is a must too, of course. And protein and granola bars are great for getting in nutrients without having to consider full meals until things come back online.

2. De-Icing Substances—Keeping a few bags of rock salt in the garage to remove ice from your driveway and sidewalks sounds like a great idea. But the salt used contains chloride and cyanide, which are poisonous to animals. Use them sparingly and only when shoveling won’t keep your pathways free of dangerous slicks.

3. Scrapers—For removing ice from home and car windows, make sure you have scrapers on hand that can handle the frigid temperatures. Metal edges are most durable; have one in each care and a few in the garage just in case.

4. Generators— A portable gas-powered generator is a necessity in dangerous winter weather areas. Gauge the size needed to generate enough electricity for your size home and buy accordingly. Make sure to have enough gas on hand to power it before the cold weather strikes. And be sure to prioritize what needs electricity; it’s a good idea to put refrigerators, freezers and any medical appliances at the top of the list.

5. Extra Blankets, Batteries and chargers—Keep a trove of blankets and heavy coverings on hand in the event that your heating isn’t available. Keep some in your car, too, just in case you’re out and about when bad weather hits. And if you have a stock of batteries on hand for your flashlights and emergency radio, as well as a few battery-powered chargers for your phone or tablet, you’ll have power for your most important devices when you need them.

These are only a few highlights that you can take care of while the weather is still cooperative. For a more comprehensive list, take a look online for items and preparations that make sense for your home and your area. Then, take a little time to get prepared!