Keeping warm around the house
Nov 18, 2021

How to prepare your house for the colder months

Maybe you’re not ready for the weather to turn yet. Maybe you’ve settled into crisp autumn days that still tend toward the warm side and the idea of really cold weather is still a distant thought, sitting on the horizon like slow-rolling clouds. Well, get your parka ready…the calendar is rolling forward and those promised colder days are coming! With energy costs rising dramatically this year, this winter’s electric and gas bills could be steeper than ever. But even if there’s a chill in the air, you can keep warm in ways that don’t require electricity! Here’s a quick rundown of ways to help you make the temperature in your house comfortable without breaking the bank.

1. Door Seals—Warm air tends to leak through the crevices around your doors. For exterior doors, a good weather seal should keep warm air inside. For closed interior doors, try rolled up towels to seal the bottom crevices. There are also craft versions, tubes of fabric sewn shut at the ends and filled with beans or fiberfill. They’re decorative and functional!

2. Seal the Leaks—Caulking around your window frames is a great way to make sure your heat stays inside where it belongs. Do an inspection on every frame and give everything an extra bead of caulking to make sure you stay cozy and warm inside your winter cottage.

3. Warm Drinks—Never underestimate the power of a warm drink to heat you up from the inside! Warm teas, coffees and juices are a delicious way to inspire your own internal warming mechanisms. Drink them throughout the day but be sure to limit the sugar and caffeine to keep them on the healthy side.

4. Layering Clothes—Dressing in layers works when you’re outdoors, so why wouldn’t it work when you’re indoors, too? A pair of socks and some slippers, a tee shirt under your sweater or a hoodie kept on while inside can warm you up nicely without adding to your utility bills. And you can add as many layers as you need to get the job done!

5. Workout Bursts—A few jumping jacks, some crunches or a little running in place can really get your personal furnace roaring. Plus, there’s a health benefit to keeping active during the cold months when it may be challenging to get outside and maintain your routine. So put on a quick playlist and do some calisthenics to get your blood going without having to turn down your central heating. You’ll be warmed up in no time!

See how easy it is? You can use things you have around the house already to keep the warm waves coming without spending extra on your heating bills. Doubling up on some of these ideas—like doing small workouts and drinking warm beverages throughout the day whenever the chill sets in— can extend the warmth, too. Try a few and see how much more comfortable and cozy you can stay while keeping more money in your pocket this winter!